Monday, March 30, 2015

March Madness

This week was super busy.  Monday I went back to Juarez for another meeting and got to stay in a HOTEL.  It was awesome.  Needless to say I showered twice and they were the best showers of my life, hot water and a lot of it. And I also slept super well on my own queen-sized bed. And I watched TV all night! (That last one was a joke I read the scriptures all night) but the next morning I woke up bright and early to go to the meeting and there I learned a lot about how to be a better leader, and how to not be afraid of finding new people. One thing I like that the President said was "el amor siempre quita el temor" which means love will always get rid of fear. And that’s one thing I’ve been working on this week was learning how to love EVERYONE.

I got home Tuesday and we shopped for the week and then visited a convert from the area named Liz.  She is marvelous.

Wednesday-Friday we contacted, taught and enjoyed increasingly hotter weather..

Saturday we taught a new investigator we have named Alejandra and her mom America. They are super awesome and seem super duper excited about the lessions!! Later that day we had interviews with the president and I passed with flying colors.

Sunday was super cool because I had the opportunity to give my first talk in sacrament meeting since I left home!! I was super nervous but my Elder Riding said I did a good job, so I feel pretty good about it. The topic was missionary work with members, and it was a super awesome topic because the ward I’m in (Lomas) is full of people that always help!

This week was really good and I’m extremly excited for Conference weekend! Thank you all for your emails, prayers and support, everyone is a huge help. I hope you all have an awesome week!!

Elder St John

Stayed in a hotel this week. 

The sunrise in Juarez from my window.

The front of the first LDS church in Mexico.

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