Monday, July 27, 2015

Juarez Week Three

Another week in Satelite, and it was a good one! It was actually pretty normal, but i enjoyed the week.

One cool thing that happened this week is that we found a super awesome new investigator, he is a 14-year-old boy named Aitel. His dad is a less active member who is trying to come back into the Church and we are working with both of them. We had our first lesson with them Tuesday night and they later gave us hamburgers. It was a filling experience for my spirit and my stomach. But the lesson went really well, and this week Aitel also went to a Youth Conference in our ward too! I can see him progressing a lot and I'm super excited to see what happens later. 

Also Pioneer Day we celebrated by taking the wrong bus home and having to walk an hour to get home... so that was fun... but Shout out to the Pioneers who gave all they had to give us everything we need. I'm super grateful for that sacrifice, and I think we need to always have gratitude for what they did. 

Wednesday a member showed us Peruvian music, and it was... really... bad... (Sorry Corbin, I hope you like it more than I do.) 

We are also teaching a girl whose grandma is a member but her parents are not, and we put a baptismal date for the 8th of August. So that will be a really cool baptism! 

Thats about it for the week! I hope you all enjoyed the week as much as I did! 

Love you all. 

Elder St John

Monday, July 20, 2015

Feeling Like I'm in Outerspace

Just listening to some headphones I found in the street. 

SO my new area, Satelite, is super cool and I really do like it here. It's funny though because all the streets are named after planets, like the street that we live on is called Saturn and there is a big satelite antenna in front of our house. The people here are super amazing too. The ward is great and we've started working with the bishop to be more effective. 

We have a few progressing investigators, and we found a few new ones this week. Which is good. It is a little different in a big city compared to the small town I was in before. But I like the adjustment, I like cities more so I feel more comfortable here.  But at times I do miss the quiet little town of Dublan. But I mostly miss the people. That's one of the things I've learned here, is that the area isn't what's important, it's the people who are important. And I definitely miss the people of Lomas, Frontera, Laguna and especially Utah. Plus I've almost been out for a year now. Crazy Right?? August 6th and it will have been one whole year. And that's a long time from family and friends. But I'd say that even after almost a whole year without everything I have at home, I wouldn't trade what I'm doing now for anything the world could offer me. 

Garret brought us Taco Bell from El Paso and I was in heaven. 

This week was a good week, we basically walked, a lot, and we visited a lot of people too.  But the highlight was in church yesterday.  We had some investigators come and we also found out that some other non-members had come that we could teach too! It was a great day! ME and my companion, Elder Lopez, get a long really well. We get together with the Elders from a ward close by and do service with them and teach with them too and that's really fun, especially because Elder Webster who was with me in Frontera is one of the Elders! But that's about it for this week! Sorry for the boring letter. I'll make next week's better. Love you all! Stay sweet. 

Elder St John

Elder Lopez at the coolest taco stand in Mexico. (It basically means taquitos, wings & rock and roll.) 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ciudad Juarez Round 2

So I´m back in Juarez, the best city ever. And my new area is great! It has paved roads, parks with grass, and it even has a big river, even though the water is brown but it's still a river. I do miss the little town of Lomas at times, but Juarez needs me. 

So this week I just got to know the area and my new companion and all the other great things in Juarez. I even got to go back to my old area, Frontera, because that's where the zone leaders are and I had to go give them some things. And that was also really cool! The ward here is pretty small, but it's a really cool ward because there are two American families and one family from Russia. Crazy right? Also, the ward right after our ward is the presidents ward, so that's another interesting thing. 

But our house is also the mission's storage, so we have a ton of beds, books, microwaves, heaters, fans, chairs.  We have everything. So the house is nice.  The only problem is that it gets super hot in the house... 

But this week we had a pretty cool experience doing service with a part member family.  We helped them clean out their garage and we found some cool stuff cleaning it out.  But the best part is that they went to church the next day! That was super cool. 

Another cool thing about our area is a man named Garret. He lives here for his work but is from Utah.  He even has family in Kaysville. But he goes to El Paso every week and brings us American food and it's the best thing ever. He is my new best friend from the ward. 

 But that's all from the week. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder St John

Monday, July 6, 2015

Juarez Missed Me

So this week was fantastic! I ended my last week in Lomas the best way possible. 

Elder Gomez and me with Angelica and Stephanie before the baptism.

The highlight of the week was for sure. Saturday and Sunday. Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock we started the baptismal service of Angelica and Stephanie. They were later baptized and it was an amazing experience. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of the conversion of these two daughters of our Heavenly Father. But Sunday was even more special--when they recived the gift of the Holy Ghost. Angelica was crying when she was getting blessed and I could feel the spirit soo strong. Later that day in Gospel Principals class Elder Gomez and I taught about temple work and that was an even more powerful experience. Angelica talked about how beautiful it is that we can perform the saving ordinances for ourselves and our ancestors. It was a beautiful experience that nearly brought me to tears. 

That was the biggest part of the week. But there is more news for you guys. 

Soo.. i guess that Ciudad Juarez missed me because yesterday the zone leaders called and told me that I'm going back! My new area is called Satelite. And my new companion is called Elder Lopez. And I'm still going to be a District Leader. 

I'm super excited to go there and I'll let you all now how it goes next week!

I love you all and hope this week is amazing for you!
Elder St John

The bishop (the tall man) with Angelica and Stephanie and Hno Rodriguez

Hno Rodriguz Angelica and Stephanie