Monday, August 31, 2015

Week One of Elder St. John's Diet

So this was a pretty normal week, I just keep training Elder De Olarte as hard as I can so he grows up to be a great son. And it's turning out pretty well. He is an awesome missionary! And to be honest, I'm probably learning more from him than he is from me. 

This week we contacted a lot. Which I think is good, because when I was a new missionary, I didn't contact very much at all. So now is my time to learn. And we are doing pretty well! We don't get rejected nearly as much as we did in my old area, Lomas. So I feel pretty successful. Actually in the book, The Power of Everyday Missionaries, it says that you have success when you invite, so I must be having a TON of success. 

And as you can tell, the mission put me on a diet. But its because I'm too skinny, not too fat... So I have to eat like 2 more burritos a day to get to my "normal" weight. So I'm all in on this diet.  I think Im probably the most excited anyone's every been to be put on a diet! 

This week we also had stake conference, and it was really good! The talks were really uplifting and insightful! 

Sorry for the short letter, but this week we didnt have any really cool experiences... 

Love you all. 

Peace out.

Elder St John

PS Felicidades Kate! Espero que disfrute su boda y que tenga un feliz matrimonio! Te amo mucho y que dios le bendiga! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Baby Steps

Elder De Olarte, adorable little girl, Spencer

This week was a pretty good week, but it was a pretty big change from what I'm used to. Training is awesome! But a lot different than I thought it would be.

Elder De Olarte is a great Elder and is really smart. It's cool to be with him. I've learned alot in this week from him already. For example, we were teaching an investigator that we have had for a little bit of time now, and I had started to think that we were going to have to stop visiting him. Then all of a sudden my companion invited him to be baptized and he said yes! It was a really cool experience and I'm glad that my companion is a really motivated Elder!

 I don't have much time left to write but I love you all and will let you know more next week! 

Elder St John

Because his letter was so short, here is a little bit more.  He sent to me:  

I'm glad you enjoyed Garhett. [He is an American working at the US Consulate just a few doors from Spencer's apartment.  He stopped by to see Kari last week and report on Spencer.]  He is awesome. He showed me pictures of you all together and that was strange but cool! He said that he really liked all you guys and always says that my dad is awesome, which he is. 

Poor Hayden and Paige. School is no where near as cool as a mission! But one year more and Hayden can serve too. 

Monday, August 17, 2015


Just the coolest pic of the Book of Mormon. 
They call these bullets Mata Policia, because they go through flak jackets.
We found them right outside the chuch, cool huh?

You will all be so proud of me. This week was the last week of the cycle and that means... changes. And Elder Lopez is leaving to be a district leader.  I'm so proud of him; I taught him so much. But in his place is coming my new companion, Elder De Olarte. And he is fresh out of the MTC, he gets here today, and I will pick him up in the offices tomorrow! SO I will be a trainer! And to explain the title, when someone is training the new Elder is his son, and the trainer is called his Dad. So, I hope you don't think I'm actually going to have a kid....   

But I'm super excited to train, but I'm also pretty nervous to be with someone who has 0 expierience as a missonary! So I will teach him everything. But it will also be pretty cool, because I've never trained before and I've alwas wanted to! Just keep me in your prayers. 

This was a normal week, but with a lot of service. Two families changed houses in the ward and we helped them move and prepare the houses for the move in. I also had a pretty big learning experience here too. We went to do service for a really poor family of investigators from the sisters. We helped them clean the yard, but I went in the house to change and it was something that really made me feel for the people here becuase these people hardly had anything.  The ward I'm in right now is a ward full of lots of Rich, well-off families and I had almost forgotton what the situation was like here for some people. That day really opened my eyes, and made me learn that service helps you love everybody. 

I love you all and am grateful for your support! I hope you enjoy this letter!! 

Elder St John

Me and Elder Lopez being Mexicans. (Yes a bought a poncho. Best thing ever.) 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Best Year of My Life

Welcome everyone to my 500th letter, 

It seems like last week I drove off to the MTC to start my new life as a servent to the Lord. But it's been a whole lot longer. Actually it's been a year... that's not too long right? Katelyn hasn't even been home from her mission for a year and she is already getting married, So I guess you could say a lot can happen in a year. In a year, I've been all over Chihuahua, met like 50,000 people, learned another language, learned to eat chilie, walked to the moon and back, made good memories, had some bad experiences.  I've been through a lot in one year, and I can't wait to see what the last year of my mission has to offer. 

I hope winter comes here soon because its about 100-110 degrees every day here and it's melting me. But you'd be suprised how well I've adjusted to the climate here.  I was in the house of someone and they had a thermometer in their house and it was 80 degrees in their house and I was pretty comfortable. So when I get home, I might need to adjust to the cold again..

This week was a pretty good one. Monday was a normal P-day. Tuesday I met a family of new investigators that my companion found while I was on divisones. And they are awesome, and super prepared.  They have listened to the missionaries before, and the dad didn't want anything back then and now he listens to us.  Also the day before my companion got there last week one of their little sons said that they should go to church, and then later that day we visited them.  They went to Mutual. 

Wendnesday, was just a normal day, 

Thursday was my year mark, woot woot!  I celebrated by eating a special quesadilla with valentina and queso chihuahua. My fav. 

Friday was also just a normal day. And I couldn't really celebrate a year and a day... 

Saturday, we had a cool activity where we got all the missionaries from the zone to clean our church with the youth of our ward, and we repainted the basketball court and everything, that was pretty neat. 

Sunday was just a normal Sunday, just renewing my covenenats and all... 

But that was my week! Thanks for helping me make it through a year! 

Elder St John

Monday, August 3, 2015

One Year!

Me with a cotton candy and rootbeer slushy.

This past week was a pretty good week! We had some good expiriences with investigators, like finishing some of the lessons with a potential baptism. And we found a super-ready family. 

This Tuesday we went to Mutual and met a new investigator for a different ward, and we set up a few appointments. 

Wednesday I did divisions with Elder Orcutt, my ZL, and I got to go back to FRONTERA for a day.  That was super cool. I saw some old faces and enjoyed a familiar place. 

Thursday I got back to my area and we worked.  

The rest of the week was pretty normal... 

But this Thursday something cool happens. I will finish one year. This Thurdsday will be one year since I went to the MTC! It's crazy. I can't believe how fast time flies! All the things I've seen and done in all such a short time! It's awesome. But I'm super grateful for all your support and all the help you guys have been for me! Sorry for such a short letter.. but it's been an average week... 

But I love you all!!

Elder St John