Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm Not Dead

First off I would like to apologize for the tardiness of this letter. it is one day and a few hours overdue.. but its because Sunday I went to Juarez for a DL training meeting and didn't come home till yesterday at like 5:00.... so I had no time to write...

This past week was super good. I'm starting to get the hang of all the stuff I'm doing right now a little better so it's getting a little easier. Monday I gave my first district meeting and it went pretty well. I tried my best and I think it all worked out.

This Tuesday I went down to a place called LeBaron to do some interviews for some baptisms we would have that Saturday, and it was super cool! It's like a 45 minute drive and when we got there it was crazy. Remember when I said Dublan was American, well LeBaron at least triples Dublan. EVERYONE speaks English and the houses are wayyy more American. But the only difference is that LeBaron is where all the polygamists live.. So that part was a little weird.. But I got the interviews done and we left that night, got ice cream and went home. 

All the other days went pretty normal. We contact every day, by knocking doors and giving out stuff like cards or Books of Mormon. We found a few new people that could work but things are still a little slow here. But even though we are getting rejected every once and a while we also are having some success and the little success makes all the rejections worth it. 

Sunday I left for Ciudad Juarez at like 11:00 o'clock by bus and got there at like 4:00 so that was pretty good! I just went to the mission offices and ate a salad then went on divisions with the assistants for the night. While i was there we found a family in their area and they gave us steak and were super nice and it gave me hope for the people here. Then we woke up Monday morning bright and early to go to the meeting at 8:00 a.m. The meeting was super good. We learned the 10 traits of a perfect missionary but the one I liked the most was where it said that we have to be social and that when we sent our papers in it was us agreeing to be social. After the meeting I went back to Casas Grandes by bus.. Again for 4 more hours... and got back at 5:00 and had my second district meeting, and that one was great! I basically just passed all the information that I got from the meeting earlier but it worked out pretty well.. 

Later Monday night we went with the sisters in my district to help them teach a lesson. This lession was cool because the girl we taught only spoke English and was from New Mexico. We taught her the gospel and it was really special. I highly reccomend you guys study it and memorize the 5 points of the gospel, because it really is perfect and will help you guys with everything. 

I'm so grateful for all you guys do and I hope you guys are all doing great! I love you all so much. 

Elder St John

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