Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Letter #87819

We live by the Law of Moses out here still,
so we are looking for sinners so that we can wear this title.

This week was pretty good, we started off Monday with the regular writing, cleaning and shopping which went well. then Tuesday we walked a lot trying to contact people and visit people.. 

Wednesday we decided to do a district activity with the new initiative. #Graciasaque√Člvive or #BecauseHeLives. We went to my area in Lomas and we went all over the place contacting people for 2 hours and we found about 16 new people! It was awesome, Im the best district leader ever.

Thursday we just had a normal day of contacting and visiting.

Friday we did the contacting again in another area in the district and finished the night with a visit to a less active who gave us MOLE.  I love mole with a passion so that was the highlight of the week for my stomach. 

Saturday we had Conference and that was 10/10. I especially loved the talk given by David A. Bednar in the afternoon. And Eyring's talk for the Preisthood session. Also this morning there was a parade by the Catholic church right by our house and they had a man dressed as Jesus. I didn't see the whole thing but I'm pretty sure that they hung him on a cross? It's a tradition here to do that I guess, but to me it sounds kind of scary... and painful... and I´m just glad that Jesus did that so I never have to suffer like that. 

Sunday we had MORE Conference and that was 11/10 It was awesome to hear about the new temples and all the cool things happening around the world in the Church. I took a TON of notes for all the talks and will try to apply them every day. I hope you all took at least one thing from Conference to use every day in your lives to change and get better. And I hope you all had a great Easter! 

This week was a blesing, and the week starting is the last week of the cycle, so pray that I get to stay here with Elder Riding for another six weeks! Love you all!

Elder St. John

The long hour and a half trail to Seccion Hidalgo.

P.S.  Conference was amazing. I was able to listen to the English talks in English and the Spanish talks in Spanish and i understood all and learned a ton. It's always a huge blessing to watch Conference and hear from the Lord's apostles and Profet. 

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