Monday, March 9, 2015

The Mission of Elder St John Chapter 3

A picture of me and Elder Riding.

So basically everything is new now... I'm back in Casas Grandes with dirt roads, farms and the beautiful desert air.  Also, if you haven't heard the hymn "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" #221, you should listen to it because it's my theme song for this area, especially the second to last line. And also, I don't really need to write more about what I've done this week because the second to last line basically describes the whole week.

My new companion is awesome! We get along super well, he has 15 months in his mission and speaks super good Spanish and is super freindly and helps a ton with contacting. Also, he knows the area so he is a huge help. 

The area is great, but it's kind of a desert.. literally and figuratively. Because right now it's a desert of investigators.. We get rejected a lot here when we contact, but it's also weird because the people we contact say no but we have people coming up to us and almost contacting us in a way.. So all our new investigators are coming to us.. 

Umm it has been cold this week but it looks like it's starting to get warmer which is good and bad because I hear the summers here are very, very hot. So I will melt and come home in a puddle... So I'm not too excited that it's starting to get hotter... 

Actually having responsability is pretty cool but stressful, because I have a lot of stuff to worry about.. But I'm getting better and working harder to get better. I'm glad for the oppurtunity to grow and learn and that's about it for the week. I love you all a lot! 

Elder St John

The coolest thing that happened this week was when we had our Stake Conference this Sunday for my new stake in Dublan. The President came and he shared the conversion story of Clara to everyone and it was super cool, and Clara was baptized last Saturday. It was a really cool story and because I came in kind of in the middle. 

A Picture of Blacky, a dog who follows us every day. All day.

A picture of the Church of Section Hildalgo (which is abandon).