Monday, November 30, 2015


It was a good week this week! We did lots of good stuff!

But mainly we did divisions and I was with Elder Cottle from Oregon.  We went to his area, and we got to contact there, and met a few pretty crazy people, like a guy who straight up told us to never come back.... which doesnt happen often, but it was funny when it happened, because Elder Cottle asked him why, and he got more mad and went back to his house stomping his feet like a little kid. It was funny. 

I got back to my area and we kept on working hard, and on Friday The district leaders went to Juarez, and their companions stayed here in Casas Grandes, so we paired them off and there was one left. It is Elder Wilson, who started his mission like 3 weeks ago, and is super cool! Elder Castro and I worked with  him from Friday to Saturday, and even though he didn't speak Spanish too well, he worked super hard and even contacted with us and taught in the lessons. It was great.

Sunday we got to talk in church because the speakers didnt come.. So I talked about the attributes of christ and that was really.. good.  I still don't like public speaking, but I'm pretty sure if i can write a 10 minute talk in Spanish in like 30 minutes, I can do pretty well in English. 

That's all for the week! This week I go to Juarez, so I'll let you know about that next week! 

Love you all. 

Elder St John

I always try to take pictures of the prettiest stuff I see.

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