Monday, November 23, 2015

Frio Frio Frio

So this week was cold. It's usually around like 30 to 40 degrees! And we only have a little gas heater, that we can't use very much because gas is expensive here.... so we just use a lot of clothes and blankets. And I'm starting to get used to it now. 

But Tuesday, we went on interchanges or divisions or whatever you call it, and I was with Elder Mora and we stayed in Alamedas to work while my comp was in the area of his companion.. We worked pretty hard and we even found a new investigator! She read the Book of Mormon and liked it a lot! 

Wednesday we ended divisions and we later went to cut wood for some people we met. Nothing to exciting later.

Thursday, we went and found a few more new people to teach. We later had a meeting with the 2 stakes from Casas Grandes about the Christmas choir that I won't be in because I missed try outs.. But it doesnt matter.. We still have lots of stuff to do to help out with in the choir. 

Friday was a normal day, Saturday as well. 

Sunday we went to church, which was good as usual. and after that we went to visit a family that we found during the week, and we taught them lesson 1.  They loved it so they all became new investigators. It was a pretty good week! I enjoyed it all! Even though it was cold. 

Elder St John

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