Monday, November 16, 2015

Back in Dublan

Well I finally made it back to Colonia Dublan. And instead of coming back as a little district leader, I came back to take the whole ZONE. My plan to take over the whole mission is slowly taking place. Just kidding, But being ZL is pretty cool, My companion, Elder Castro, is super cool.  He is 26 years old and a convert of 3 years. He is also hilarious. But he is an awesome missionary.

Our area, Alamedas, is the smallest area in the whole mission I think, and Elder Castro has been here for almost 9 months. He was actually my zone leader when I was district leader in my last area here in Dublan. And it's pretty funny because he knows EVERYONE. We will be walking down a street and he will be naming everything he knows about every house. We contact in the street and he will have already talked to the person. It's pretty funny. But despite the lack of size in the area, we have a baptism planned for this month.  The man's name is Carlos and he is the father of 4 recent converts here in the area, and he is about 82 years old. He is the best. So if any of you think it's too late to change, you're wrong because Carlos is way older than any of you and he is going to be baptized. 

This week I basically got to know the area. I got here on Tuesday in the afternoon and since then we have basically just contacted 24/7, and I love it. Contacting is the best. We knock doors and talk to literally eveyone we see in the street and even though a lot don't accept us, we keep trying so that we can find the people who really need our message. And we have had some success which is a big blessing. Also they just made 200 new houses in our area and in these next two weeks they will be getting filled up, so don't be suprised when in a few weeks I tell you we have 200 baptisms planned. 

Sunday was good.  I went to church, and it's in the same building as my old area, so I saw a lot of my old friends that I made in Lomas. it was a good day. 

Thanks for all you support and love!

Elder St John

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