Monday, November 2, 2015

Dia de Los Muertos

Welcome everyone to another weekly letter from your favorite missionary! 

It was a pretty good week this week! there was lots of walking and I was pretty busy as well! 

Some of the cool things that happened this week:

On Thursday it was cold. But we also did a lot of walking and we also visited a future missionary who sent his papers in last Tuesday! So it will be really cool to see where he goes and when he leaves! We also ate hotdogs there as well.

On Friday we tried contacting a few people and we also carved pumpkins! It was a pretty fun experience because my companion had never carved a pumpkin before, but he did a good job and we enjoyed it! 

All our pumpkins (left to right: Elder Fox, mine, Elder Junco, Elder De Olarte

Saturday was Halloween so we contacted with candy, which didn't turn out all that well but it was still fun! We saw lots of trick or treaters and we even got a little bit of candy, which would have been better if I didn't get a bunch of candy with chili. I still don't understand why the people here love chili so much. 

I stopped to read the Book of Mormon on a really comfy looking chair.

Sunday we contacted in an area where we don't go very much and at first it was a little difficult, because the people didn't accept us all that well, but I felt we should keep trying and we left the area with four new people to visit! I was really happy as we left. 

And that's about it for the week! Mainly just the weekend was where all the action happened. But I hope you all had a good Halloween and dia de los muertos! 

Elder St John

Just some of the beauty Ciudad Juarez has to offer. 


  1. I hope you checked for fleas after sitting in that nice chair! I'm glad you found some people to teach.

  2. Sitting in a random chair is probably not a good idea - fleas are the least of your worries. Just saying . . . Interesting that Juarez has adopted an American tradition (trick-or-treating). Guess being so close to the U.S. they probably are very americanized. Love you! Keep up the good work and keep listening to the Spirit. Stay safe.