Monday, October 26, 2015

Holy Hail

This week was a very good week and I have a great story with the title of this letter so I hope you all are excited to read it. 

So Monday was just your usual Monday, nothing too special. 

Tuesday was fantastic! We taught a less active in the morning, went and ate burritos and cheescake with a member. Taught an investigator about church and at about 5:30 we went and started walking to go paint the inside of the house of an ivestigator, and then it started to rain. We got to the house and they forgot we were going to paint and they had to leave to pick up their kids from school... So we waited for them to get back, and while waiting it rained really hard and eventually started to hail super hard. And I guess the neighbors felt bad so they invited us into their house.  I started to get to know them. The man's name was Ruben and he told me that they are from El Paso, and that he had a lot of family members from lots of religions.  I asked him if he wondered why there are so many, but then he answered with a question of gold. He said no, but he mainly wanted to know "which of all of them was the true one" so we talked to him about Joseph Smith and the restoration and put another appointment to visit him. It was a really cool expierience, and I'm pretty sure that it hailed for a reason. 

Wednesday It hailed again, and the hail helped us get into the house of another investigator that we have had but who had never let us in his house before. So that was also cool! 

Thursday, I went on divisones with my zone leader, Elder Temple, and that was really cool, because I got to go back to my old area of Frontera again! And also because I had a great experience. We contacted the whole day, but got lots of food in return. Like burrittos, cajeta, hamburgers and even tacos. Needless to say I saw that contacting pays off.  We found a few cool people and I learned a lot. 

Friday, I was still on divisions in the morning and we continued contacting. That ended and I was back with Elder De Olarte, and we contacted and visited a few more people. 

Saturday. We ate lots of pizza, and we taught an investigator that we have slowly been working with over the past few weeks. and he seems to be progressing pretty well. He said a while ago that he decided to stop worshipping idols and stuff like that so that was good to hear. 

Sunday, ROSARIO WENT TO CHURCH!  Rosario is an investigator that we have had for a while, and he finally went to church on sunday, He said he lliked it a lot and we hope he continues going! 

And Monday or today I guess. The only cool thing is that we had three cats come into our house while we were cleaning. So we played with them and then kicked them out because we can't have pets. 

Spencer and his three cats.

My view as I study.


  1. What a great week!! I'm glad you got some teaching done and I'm glad you got to play with cats. Love the panoramic view of your study position! We had Spooky Sunday yesterday and missed having you there. Hopefully your Dad will give you some pictures.

  2. PS -- Maybe you should have kept the cats to take care of your mouse problem. :)