Monday, June 27, 2016

Saint Rose

So this was an eventful week!

Monday I had an awesome experience with the Spirit. We were walking through a park and I saw a woman sitting on a bench and felt like I should talk to her.. I though it would be awkward and I wanted to go to the appointment we were going to instead so I kept walking and I felt the same thing even stronger, and I thought that it would still be uncomfortable to bug her and kept walking till i passed her.  Then I felt an impression too strong to ignore that I HAD to talk to her. (I guess I was being a little too stubborn...) So I thought, well I guess I have no choice. And instead of the awkward conversation I was expecting, it was a very comfortable talk with her. Her name was Emilia, and she opened up to us and told us that her grandaughter who was playing in the park had had a seizure the week before and she told us that her daughter was sick, and that she had no idea what to do. So we talked to her about prayer the the gospel and she accepted it with an open heart. She was very excited to hear about it and so we got her information and were going to visit her this week. 

Tuesday we had interviews with President Derbez and I gave him a large picture of me and him (the one we took during Christmas time) and he seemed happy about it. The interviews went really well and I got to say my goodbye because the president is leaving this Friday. 

Wednesday was just a normal day full of normal things.

Thursday was also a normal day full of normal things. 

Friday was Irmas baptismal interview and it went really well! She passed great and is super ready for her baptism. 

Saturday I got a very sad phone call. The zone leaders told me that I had a special changed and that I was going to a ward called Santa Rosa with Elder Gonzales. So that's where I am now.  They called us at 11:00 and told us to be at the offices at 12:30. Elder Christensen and I were very sad to get the news because we got along really, really well. And I'm sad to be away from him and the ward.  It was heart breaking.  But after 2 days in Santa Rosa with Elder Gonzales I feel better and it should go pretty well here for my last 3 weeks. 

Sunday I met the ward and everyone accepted me pretty well! Oh and I forgot the coolest part about Elder Gonzales, Do you remember Elder De Olarte? He is the only missionary i have trained.  Well Elder De Olarte started the training of Elder Gonzales and I will be finishing the training of Elder Gonzales! So that's pretty cool.

So that's about it for this week! I hope you all have a great last week of June and I hope you all have a great start of July!! 

Elder St John

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