Monday, May 30, 2016

Elder St John's Email Memorial Day Edition

So this was just another normal week. 

Tuesday we contacted a few normal people and visited as always some less actives.

Wednesday we had a meeting in the offices. And I finally got Grandma Cable's package. It was great. The meeting was about reporting. And after, we continued visiting more people. We found an interesting family last week.  They believe in reencarnation and mental energies and stuff like that so it's weird going with them.  But we are trying to bring them to the truth. 

Thursday we continued with the pattern of contact, teach, contact. And it went okay. 

Friday we had a pretty good morning, especially becasue while contacting we talked to a cool family outside gardening and we answered a lot of quiestions that they had and we are going to visit them this week as well. We also got to go to a BBQ that an investigator invited us to. His name is Luis, his wife is Irma.  I'm not sure if I've told you about them, but they are awesome, and in the next few weeks, Irma will be baptized! Which is very exciting. 

Saturday was a very hot and sunny day, and a few of our appointments fell through. So I got very sunburnt.. but i have recovered now. 

Sunday was a great day because we had many appointments and many people to visit so we stayed away from the sun. 

SO that was the week. I hope you enjoyed! 

Happy Memorial Day! 

Elder St John

Here is a picture of when Elder Evans and I got tattoos. And became bikers. 

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