Monday, August 10, 2015

Best Year of My Life

Welcome everyone to my 500th letter, 

It seems like last week I drove off to the MTC to start my new life as a servent to the Lord. But it's been a whole lot longer. Actually it's been a year... that's not too long right? Katelyn hasn't even been home from her mission for a year and she is already getting married, So I guess you could say a lot can happen in a year. In a year, I've been all over Chihuahua, met like 50,000 people, learned another language, learned to eat chilie, walked to the moon and back, made good memories, had some bad experiences.  I've been through a lot in one year, and I can't wait to see what the last year of my mission has to offer. 

I hope winter comes here soon because its about 100-110 degrees every day here and it's melting me. But you'd be suprised how well I've adjusted to the climate here.  I was in the house of someone and they had a thermometer in their house and it was 80 degrees in their house and I was pretty comfortable. So when I get home, I might need to adjust to the cold again..

This week was a pretty good one. Monday was a normal P-day. Tuesday I met a family of new investigators that my companion found while I was on divisones. And they are awesome, and super prepared.  They have listened to the missionaries before, and the dad didn't want anything back then and now he listens to us.  Also the day before my companion got there last week one of their little sons said that they should go to church, and then later that day we visited them.  They went to Mutual. 

Wendnesday, was just a normal day, 

Thursday was my year mark, woot woot!  I celebrated by eating a special quesadilla with valentina and queso chihuahua. My fav. 

Friday was also just a normal day. And I couldn't really celebrate a year and a day... 

Saturday, we had a cool activity where we got all the missionaries from the zone to clean our church with the youth of our ward, and we repainted the basketball court and everything, that was pretty neat. 

Sunday was just a normal Sunday, just renewing my covenenats and all... 

But that was my week! Thanks for helping me make it through a year! 

Elder St John

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  1. Oh man you crack me up. This year has certainly sped by for me--but I'm old so time does that. Congratulations for making it a whole year. Here's to a great year 2!!