Monday, May 18, 2015

The Middle of May

This was an awesome week!

One of the counselors in the stake gave us a list of young single adults awhile ago and we spent a lot of time this week contacting them, and it turned out pretty well. We found a few people and went and reported it to him yesterday. He is from the Dublan Ward, and is a fluent English speaker, and we had the meeting in his house, and his house was stunning. But we reported the list and he said we did a good job. 

This week we also had a really good lesson with Angelica. We taught her lesson 1 and she understood it all and was really accepting! The bishop was also there to help us and he did awesome! We invited her to be baptised and she said yes! Now we just need to set a date and teach her the rest of the lessons. And she even went to church this Sunday! We are really proud of her. 

That's about all for this week, nothing too exciting happened this week. Thanks for all your emails and support, I love all of you! 

Elder St John

A cool chicken shaped bush featuring my comp.

The beautiful landscape of my area.

The dust storms here are vicious.

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  1. Very cute chicken--the other scenery--well not so great. This mission is gonna make you tough!! Nice work this week. I hope Angelica is baptized soon!