Monday, May 4, 2015

Stay Away May

So you guys should be excited to read this email, becuase unlike most weeks this week was..... weird... super weird. As you can tell by the sneak peak I sent you guys. 

The birthday cake for the April birthdays.

Then they smashed my face in the cake.
The other elder with cake on his face´s name is Spencer too, and we have the same birthday. CRAZY!

Everyone with the birthday boys (and girl). 

So Monday, the whole district and another district celebrated the birthdays of April, which was really fun. We had a tres leches cake. And that would have been awesome IF they didn't shove our faces in the cake... It's some weird tradition here. If it's someone's birthday you tell them to take a bite out of the cake by going face first and then pushing them ears deep in the cake. I may sound bitter but it was HILARIOUS. I have never actually had a cake shoved in my face before and it was actually a pretty funny prank. So I'm glad for the experience, but sad for the delicious cake that was innocently harmed during the prank. 

Tuesday was even better than Monday because...... I got suuuuuupppperrr sick for 24 hours. It all started when we went to visit a less active after eating a huge meal. I was stuffed and felt nauseated. But while we were at the less active's house he gave us both a HUGE piece of chocolate cake and a big glass of milk, which would have been awesome if I didn't feel like exploding inside. I ate half the cake and then we went outside to look at his garden. We walked around and looked at his trees and flowers. While I was walking I didn't think I could hold it anymore. So they started to leave; I spotted a garbage can and bolted. Luckily I made it to the garbage can in time and threw up for the first time in like 5 years.... I felt awesome after that so we finished the tour and left. Later we started walking again to find someone else to visit.  When I told Elder Riding I was going to vomit again.. So I ran to a wall (see picture) and threw up. Again. 

I threw up last Tuesday so this is Elder Riding standing next to where I did it. 

Then we went home. I texted the sister who is in charge of health and I laid in bed. We took my temperature and I was at about 100.1 degrees so we figured I should probalby just stay home and rest.. which I did. 

Me lying in bed dying from the stomach flu. 

Wednesday I was super tired but not sick which is good. Even though I fell asleep in like every lesson... But something cool did happen. We fould a new investigator whose name is Wesly and she is awesome. She told us she would read the whole Book of Mormon in 2 months. And she gets out of school pretty soon so we have high hopes for her.

Thursday was SUPER HOT. It's starting to heat up here in Chihuahua. and that's the best thing ever. It's like 95 degrees and I'm dying of heat stroke. (Not really but it feels like it.) But this day we took the hour long walk to Hidalgo to visit a future investigator who is also AWESOME.  He is a cow rancher and is super great. We are expecting a lot from him to. We just need to figure out how to get him to church because he works Sundays...

Friday,  the sisters in the Dublan Ward had a baptism and that was cool to go to, especially because I was the one their investigator chose to baptize her.. And this time went a TON better than the first time. I got it done the second try. (You can't be perfect at everything :/) But the Baptism was super cool and there were cookies after. 

The sister's flooded the baptismal font and our church.....

I thought people should know that there was a flood in the church.

Saturday, If you saw the pictures before this I'm sorry for the spoiler alert, but the sisters from Huertas, another area in my district, had a baptism this day also! and they flooded the font... and the church. Elder Riding and I were walking when I got a phone call from them. They said the church was full of water and Elder Riding and I sprinted to get to the church to help them. We mopped up for about an hour and then we were ready for the baptism, which was also really cool! 

Church flood emergency clean up crew.
P.S. The picture of the clean-up crew is actually my whole district. #funfact

A live picture of me walking in the street.

Sunday was the only normal day this week, and that was kind of a nice break from the week I had. 

I love you all and hope you all enjoy this week! 

Elder St John

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