Monday, May 11, 2015

Feliz dia de mamá

This week was pretty normal, and I basically told you all what happened yesterday.. 

But it was really good seeing all of the people I did yesterday, you all looked happy and that was reallly good to see! The only thing that has changed since I was talking with you is my hair, I got it cut, but that's not exciting.... ..

But anyway... the news for this week is:

Its getting hot, I'm going to melt or look like a lobster everyday... 
There is lots of dust here from the wind, so all my shoes are brown... 
The food is still delicous. 
The members are awesome.
My Spanish is doing well
Last week I made tortillas. 
Last week we found 3 super cool people to teach.

And that's about it... Sorry for the boring email.  I'll try harder to have a good one for next week! 

Elder St John

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