Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked

I found Mater. Feat. Blackie.

This week we walked a lot. And we didn't sing and we aren't pioneers so the title is only 1/3 true but we did walk so that's the best I could come up with. 

This week was super good though. This tuesday we woke up bright and early at 4:00 am so that we could catch a bus to go to Juarez because we had a mission conference and the ENTIRE mission went to Juarez to listen to Elder Christensen (from music and the spoken word) and Elder Valenzuela talk. They are super awesome people and I learned a TON. We came back the same day so we spent 8 hours on a bus that day. 

Wednesday was pretty normal. We walked to Hidalgo and on the way Elder Riding hit me in the face and gave me a bloody nose, so we went to a gas station to get napkins (see picture)  and then visited a few people. 

Elder Riding and I fist-fight all the time.

Thursday we had another normal day..... with lots of walking.

Friday we had a meeting with the president and learned about health and about lots of other cool stuff. After that it was a normal day...... 

Saturday nothing special happened so it was also a normal day...

Sunday was super good! Angelica went to church again! And we taught her the plan of salvation and she seemed super interested. We are going to put a baptismal date with her next time we visit her. And Sunday night we found out about transfers!!

The transfers: Elder Riding is leaving to Estacion, a ward really close to Lomas, and he will still be in my Zone, and he will be a distrct leader there.

Elder St. John is staying in Lomas!! And my new companions name is Elder Gomez. I have no idea who he is so I'm pretty interested to find out. 

I will have more next week! But I hope you all are doing well! I pray for you all all the time!
Have a great week! 

Elder St John

We also bought a pie of mango and Guyaba (guava) and it was AMAZING.

 Found a dead bunny in the road and took his foot for good luck. 

Me and my WHole district. 
Except the three sisters in the middle aren't from my district, 
and the sister in blue goes home tomorrow. :(

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