Monday, March 21, 2016

Week One in Liberated

So this was our first week in our new ward, and it went pretty well! We started off basically by contacting everyone that we could and that went pretty well. We put a TON of appointments for the weekend and a few for this week also, we got changed so that we could be in the area in the zone with the most baptisms, and this area has a lot of work. 

But while contacting we visited an investigator that the Elders before had contacted. The investigator wasn't there but her daughter, Marisol,  was and we started to contact her. We eventually showed her the video of the Easter initiative (watch it if you haven't) and she really liked it. We then invited her to church, gave her a pamphlet and left to go contact some more. And the coolest part is that she went to church!! It was good to get to a new ward and bring an investigator to church, and the funny part was that she was one of the few people that we knew while sitting in sacrament meeting. But she enjoyed church and we are excited to see her progress.

Contacting is one of my favorite things right now, because all we basically do is make friends. We learned that the best way to contact is first make a friend so that they open up to you, and once they open up and tell us their problems, we show them how the restored gospel can bless their lives. It's really, really fun. 

I really, really like my new ward, and I hope I finish my mission here because it's such an amazing ward! The area is really cool as well. But I hope you all had a good week! Happy Easter! That's next Sunday right?? l hope so. I love you all and.. yeah... bye.

Elder St John

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  1. What an exciting email!! I'm so happy you like your new area, and hopefully you'll get to finish off your mission there. How fun!