Monday, March 28, 2016

Semana Santa

So this week was a little interesting. Because it's Easter, and here they don't just celebrate on Sunday, but the whole week. And they don't celebrate by remembering Jesus. They celebrate by drinking alcohol. So... we basically didn't have very much work this week. Most people were gone on vacations, or drunk... so we worked with what we had.

Knocking door by door is always fun, because you never know who will answer. But yesterday we knocked a door and a man answered and let us in.  He had tatoos and looked pretty buff, but he wasn't scary. We talked to him, and his wife came in the room also (at first I thought it was his sister, but after further investigation I found out they were married).  But we got to know the both of them and we showed them the video of #aleluya and they loved it.  The wife also told us that she and always wanted to be a Mormon. So we told here we could help her and we will be visiting them tomorrow! I'm excited.

Also last week we were walking down the street and a man stopped us and told us he wanted us to baptize his children, so we started teaching them and they seem like a cool family, but we wil see how things go further along the road. 

Also on Saturday we had a baptism, because a member lost his membership account and it's like he was never baptized.  So we did the favor of baptizing him under the direction of President. It was a good experience. It all worked out well. 

I hope you all are as excited for Conference as I am. It should be a good one! Plz watch it and take notes.  I learned that that helps me a ton. But enjoy the week, and enjoy the snow (cuz i heard it snowed over there).  That's all for this week! No pictures because I don't take very many, but I'll try harder for next week! Luv you all.

Elder St John

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  1. Sounds like a successful week in spite of the drinking to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus ;-) Way to go! Sure do miss ya!