Monday, January 25, 2016


This last week was super good.  We had a few meetings.  The assistants came over and did divisions with us. And lots of fun stuff.  But the coolest part was when we went to the Temple of Ciudad Juarez. Elder Moya has a convert that is going to serve a mission, and she went to the temple on Saturday and invited us. We talked to the President and he gave us permission to go. It was amazing. It was cool to hear a session in Spanish, and the coolest part is that I understood EVERYTHING and actually I understood better than I did in English when i went before the mission.. It was the coolest thing. I was very happy to go especially because we don't usually go to the temple in this mission. But I would just like to remind anyone who reads this, if you have a recommend, GO.  You never know how much of a blessing it is untill you go.

But that's it for this week.  Today is the first day of the last week before Elder Moya goes home! Thats also super crazy. But that is all.  

Elder St John

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  1. How cool that must have been to understand the session so well!! Hope you're doing great. We sure miss you here, but know that you are certainly where you need to be. What an amazing blessing to be able to serve the Lord full time. Hugs to you Elder St. John!