Monday, January 18, 2016

El ayuno es numero uno

Mexico is good. It's getting hot in the day and cold at night, typical desert weather. There are 19 missionaries in the zone, and only five are sisters. All are doing well, and I love helping all of them. 

This week was pretty uneventful untill the weekend. 

We were pretty low on work this week so we decided to fast. On Thursday we fasted and on Friday we contacted. And on Saturday we had an appointment with one of the people we contacted. Her name is Melissa. When we knocked her door on Friday she was with a bunch of family and didn't seem too interested.. But on Saturday when we went to the appointment, she opened the door and seemed pretty unexcited to see us.. But I think that God softened her heart and after thinking a little, she decided to let us in. We taught her and her son about church and the restoration really fast and invited her to church and she even said the closing prayer. She was verry happy after the visit and she told us to come back Sunday to meet the rest of her family. She didn't go to church because she thought she needed a dress or skirt to go.. But she read the whole pamphlet we gave her and taught her husband to pray!! It was super cool coming back Sunday and finding out that her husband wanted to know more also! It truly was an answer to our fast. I have been super happy since.

But that's the experience of the year so far. It's been pretty good!

I love you all!

Elder St John

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  1. I love this story so much! I am so happy for your persistence and faith. Keep up the good work. I will pray for you and for her and her family. Keep doing good things. Love, Chantel