Monday, July 6, 2015

Juarez Missed Me

So this week was fantastic! I ended my last week in Lomas the best way possible. 

Elder Gomez and me with Angelica and Stephanie before the baptism.

The highlight of the week was for sure. Saturday and Sunday. Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock we started the baptismal service of Angelica and Stephanie. They were later baptized and it was an amazing experience. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of the conversion of these two daughters of our Heavenly Father. But Sunday was even more special--when they recived the gift of the Holy Ghost. Angelica was crying when she was getting blessed and I could feel the spirit soo strong. Later that day in Gospel Principals class Elder Gomez and I taught about temple work and that was an even more powerful experience. Angelica talked about how beautiful it is that we can perform the saving ordinances for ourselves and our ancestors. It was a beautiful experience that nearly brought me to tears. 

That was the biggest part of the week. But there is more news for you guys. 

Soo.. i guess that Ciudad Juarez missed me because yesterday the zone leaders called and told me that I'm going back! My new area is called Satelite. And my new companion is called Elder Lopez. And I'm still going to be a District Leader. 

I'm super excited to go there and I'll let you all now how it goes next week!

I love you all and hope this week is amazing for you!
Elder St John

The bishop (the tall man) with Angelica and Stephanie and Hno Rodriguez

Hno Rodriguz Angelica and Stephanie

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  1. What a memorable few days you've had!! I'm so happy for you and your companion and especially for Angelica and Stephanie. I hope and pray they will stay strong and committed to living the gospel going forward. What a blessing you have brought to their lives!!! Good look back in Ciudad Juarez. Be safe!!