Monday, July 20, 2015

Feeling Like I'm in Outerspace

Just listening to some headphones I found in the street. 

SO my new area, Satelite, is super cool and I really do like it here. It's funny though because all the streets are named after planets, like the street that we live on is called Saturn and there is a big satelite antenna in front of our house. The people here are super amazing too. The ward is great and we've started working with the bishop to be more effective. 

We have a few progressing investigators, and we found a few new ones this week. Which is good. It is a little different in a big city compared to the small town I was in before. But I like the adjustment, I like cities more so I feel more comfortable here.  But at times I do miss the quiet little town of Dublan. But I mostly miss the people. That's one of the things I've learned here, is that the area isn't what's important, it's the people who are important. And I definitely miss the people of Lomas, Frontera, Laguna and especially Utah. Plus I've almost been out for a year now. Crazy Right?? August 6th and it will have been one whole year. And that's a long time from family and friends. But I'd say that even after almost a whole year without everything I have at home, I wouldn't trade what I'm doing now for anything the world could offer me. 

Garret brought us Taco Bell from El Paso and I was in heaven. 

This week was a good week, we basically walked, a lot, and we visited a lot of people too.  But the highlight was in church yesterday.  We had some investigators come and we also found out that some other non-members had come that we could teach too! It was a great day! ME and my companion, Elder Lopez, get a long really well. We get together with the Elders from a ward close by and do service with them and teach with them too and that's really fun, especially because Elder Webster who was with me in Frontera is one of the Elders! But that's about it for this week! Sorry for the boring letter. I'll make next week's better. Love you all! Stay sweet. 

Elder St John

Elder Lopez at the coolest taco stand in Mexico. (It basically means taquitos, wings & rock and roll.) 

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