Monday, April 13, 2015

Lomas Pt. 2, Featuring Elder Riding

The wind was really strong on Saturday.

This past week was awesome! We had a lot more work than usual and found some super awesome people! 

Monday was just a normal P-day. 

Tuesday we had a Family History activity as a district and we brought a lot of people to the Family History Center and it was super cool! 

Wednesday we did the contacting activity again in a different area. and we also contacted a few references we got from when we did it in our area and found some pretty good investigators.

Thursday we found another awesome person to teach and he is awesome.

Friday was just a normal day and we had pancakes for breakfast.

Saturday was super cool because we found two new investigators that are super cool. And the whole day was really good. In the morning we went to go contact the house for a reference but ended up contacting the wrong house. But it turns out that a member lived there and she gave us three references in the five minutes we were there. We decided that we might have been led to her house for a reason, so we went and contacted them right away. The first house there was no one, but the second house we found a really nice old woman whose husband had died about seven months ago. She let us in and we talked to her for a little, and Elder Riding and I both agreed that she was the reason that we had been lead to the wrong house. 

Sunday we contacted ANOTHER reference we had received. Do you guys remember how Section Hidalgo is like an hour and a half walking distance; this reference is about 3 km away from there.. so it's really far... But we got a ride, and had a member help us teach her, and she is AMAZING.  We think she is really, really ready. Even though she lives far away from the church she stilll wants to go and wants us to visit her EVERY Sunday (her only day off of work) and she is great. Her name is Angelica and i cant wait to see how it turns out. 

Also Sunday we found out that we DON'T have transfers so I will be in Lomas with Elder Riding for another cycle. What a relief.  

Also Sunday I got my Easter/birthday packages and have never seen so much candy in my life. And I am soooooo grateful for my family. I don't know how I got so lucky to have you guys. 

Elder St John

People use fires to kill their weeds. 

I ate candy till I passed out.

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  1. Your letters certainly are entertaining!! I'm glad to hear you found some more people to teach. Keep on keepin' on!!