Monday, February 2, 2015

Week Two in Juarez. Still Surviving

Me in front of our Church.

So this next week was pretty good. I'm starting to get used to this area and the people and the city and everything about this place. I think my Spanish is getting worse... because we have an American Elder who I speak to in English a lot.. But it's okay. I'm having a good time here.

We had Elder Webster and Elder Canseco (zone leaders) serve us breakfast in their house.

We enjoyed the meal together.

The weather is still really weird here... Monday-Wednesday was super hot -- Thursday-Friday was super cold then Saturday and Sunday were normal... 

Me and Elder Mellad enjoying the snow. 

This Saturday there was a baptism of an 8-year-old in the ward and I got to make the handouts and give a small talk, then we got candy so it was super good. 

Oh, and do you guys remember when I had that lesson with the president? Well the investigator that we were teaching that day now has a baptismal date for March 7th which will be super exciting. Her name is Clara and she is a sweetheart; she always gives us fruit after our lessons and yesterday she was the second person at Church. So she is already more faithful than all the members. Including the Bishop, who didn't even show up. 

But that's really all the big news for this week. Sunday was the Superbowl so Elder Mellado and I tried to avoid all the borrachos.. But we didn't do as well as we thought because one of the less actives was super borracho when we talked to him that night, and we visited another family and the brother of the dad was there and he was also super borracho and also had a potty mouth.. But it was in Spanish so I hardly understood. 

But all in all this week was good. But pretty normal. 

Love you all lots! 

Elder St John

The view from my new house.

The first mall I've seen in half a year. (called Las Misiones)

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