Monday, February 9, 2015

Three Weeks in Juarez - Still Surviving

So today marks the beginning of week 4 in Juarez and last week I completed six months as a missionary. It's super weird to look back and see how much time has passed. Missionary time is super weird. But this past week was pretty gr8.

We had a mostly normal schedule but Thursday we had Elder Piper, the Area 70 come and give us a conference. It was super good and I learned a lot. He taught us how to have more lessons, find more investigators, and get more baptisms. He also told us in his mission he baptized like 1000 people so we joke about how we are reactivating all his converts. But it was a really useful conference and I will be working hard to put into practice what we learned.

Clara, our only progressing investigator for the moment, is doing great! She still is coming to church and is still amazing.

This week we came up with a plan to get more investigators. The idea is that for Valentines day we are going to set up a huge thing for the holiday and we are making a balloon arch and taking pictures of people in front of it, then we will hand deliver the pictures and have a million people to visit. This is the plan. Wish us luck.

Today I'm writing a little late, but it's because I had to go the the temple with another elder to translate something for the temple store. So I FINALY GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! I didn't get to go inside but I got to see it from outside and it was beautiful. I have pictures... but don't have an adapter so I can't send them... But next week you will all see. 

Well that's all for this week. Love you all!

Elder St John

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  1. What a beautiful temple! Boy 6 months has flown by (at least for me). I'm loving the balloon arch idea--the gospel is all about love anyway!