Monday, January 12, 2015

The Coldest Week

So as you can tell by the title of this email this week was super cold. From like Thursday to Sunday it was like 15 degrees and now all of a sudden the sun came out today and it will probably be like 80 again... but other than the weather this week was super good!

Pretty much every day was normal. Study till 11:00 then go out and teach... There isn't really any big news. There is one sad thing, and it's that hardly any of our investigators are progressing so we have to stop teaching a lot of them and finding new ones which is sad. But we started their conversion and I know some day a few lucky Elders will come and finish their conversion.

We find out if we have transfers this next Sunday at night and I'm super nervous. But I know that what ever happens the Lord will put me wherever he needs me and with who I'll be best with.

Umm that's about it for this week... Sorry it's super short and super boring. I'll try harder to have an exciting week this week so you can have a better letter to read next Monday.

But since I have a little more room I'll just take a little time to say how much I love my mission. I have learned so much in this short 5 months I've been away from home and I'm super excited to learn more these next 18 or so months I have left. I'm super greatful for all your support and love and prayers and just know that you guys all have my support, love and prayers too.

Love you all lots!

Elder San Juan

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