Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm Going to Juarez

With our new mission leader, Hermano Vazquez, and his family. 

SO this week was pretty average but a few cool things happened this week!

FIRST:  I'm not sure if you guys remember Cristal Hinojo but she is this 14 year-old-girl who used to live in Minnesota but her parents got deported so she has to live here with them. But in Minnesota she took lessons with the Jehovah´s Wittnesses and had a ton of questions and we have been teaching her for like 3 months and haven't been able to set a baptismal date for her at all. UNTIL NOW! We taught her with Elders Almaraz and Gonzalez and Elder Almaraz finally set a baptismal date! Feb. 21st!! SO that was a huge blessing!

The District and Brayan who always comes with us to our lessons.

SECOND:  (Refer to the title of this email.) SO if you couldn't guess from the title of the email I have transfers. I'm going to serve in the Frontera Ward in the North Stake of Juarez. My area is called Frontera 3 which means there are three sets of missionaries in that ward. And it also means that my house with probably only have like 2 beds, a desk and a sink. Because the higher the number of your area, the less stuff you will have because it means your area is newer... But it doesn't matter because I'm super excited. Elder Moya said that I will be in THE richest stake in the mission and that I'll be in one of the richest wards too. I'll be like 10 minutes away from El Paso, USA and my companion is Elder Mellado (pronounced may-ah-doe). He is from Puebla, Mexico and I have heard he is super cool (because he was in Elder Moya´s district in the MTC). I'm super excited to know a new area and a new companion, especially because I hardly know Ciudad Juarez. But I'm also super sad to leave my investigators, and the members of this ward and especially Elder Moya. I have four months in this area and have gotten pretty comfortable here. But change is life so I better get used to it.

ALSO we got our transfers Saturday night, but, they got changed this morning. I just gave you my final and real transfers. But saturday night they told us that I was going to stay in laguna and be in a trio! And laguna had 2 areas but they were going ot merge the 2 areas into one big one. I wasn't too excited for that.. because I didn't want to live with three people and because I would be the only one who knew the area.

But all in all my emotions are super bitter-sweet because I'm excited to know a new place, but I will miss everything about my old area, Laguna 1.

Love you all so much and I hope you enjoyed this letter! This now ends chapter two of my mission: Laguna 1. Time to start chapter 3: Frontera 3

Elder San Juan

The last picture of the beautiful valley of Casas Grandes.

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