Monday, January 5, 2015

New year, New life... no... wait, everything is the same...

SO New Years was super crazy this year, Elder Moya set an alarm at 11:59 so we´d wake up before New Years. So I woke up at 11:59, watched the second hand on my watch till 12 and said to Elder Moya (who hadn't woke up from the alarm), "Happy New Year".  (He still didn't wake up.) Then I went back to bed. So this New Year is definitely one of the top 18 of my life, well considering I was a baby for like 5 years, it's the top number 12.

Ummm New Years was about the most excititng part of this week because Elder Moya and I were imprisioned in the house most of the week... We had a few good lessons the days we could leave. We ate some super good tortas this Sunday and that was awesome!  And uhh well that's about it.

The only eventful thing this week was a training we had with the President of the mission on Saturday. So I got all my packages (I almost cried when I saw them). Sat through the training and learned about how to be a better missionary, then at 4:00 we had interviews and they were boring also... But the last one with the president was amazing. He gave everyone a blessing for the new year. Words can't describe how amazing my blessing was. I swear our Mission President is like bffs with the Holy Ghost or something. But in my blessing he told me that I´d be a temple worker so that's awesome. So that's my new goal after my mission and I'm super excited for that. And another thing he said that was probably the coolest of them all is that he said that God has given me his authority, and that as I go throughout my mission that people will recognize that authority. That hit me hard. I never really thought about it like that. That God has given me his authority to preach his gospel to his children. It made me think more about the Priesthood and I realized that I shouldnt take it for granted; that I should always be greatful for this power that I have. As I was riding home that night in a taxi, I thought about what the president had said to me. While I was thinking, I had this incredible feeling, I knew it was the spirit, but it was different. I had never felt like that before. It was stronger than anything I've ever felt. And with that start to the year, I know it will be a great one.

That's it for this week, I love you all soo much and am sorry I have no pictures this week. There wasn't anything worth a photo.. But I think about you guys every day and am always praying for you!

Elder St John

PS: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALLL THE PRESENTS! The packages are amazing, and I'm super happy to have soo much food/candy! You guys are the greatest!


  1. What an amazing experience you had with the Holy Ghost this week! Your Mission President sounds like a very spiritual and inspired man. How lucky you are to serve under him. I hope you made it through the quarantine OK and that you don't get whatever your companion has. Fun that there was snow! We spent the week between Christmas and New Year's in St. George, and it snowed a little down there on New Year's Eve. We were having a party, so our fireworks were done with fluffy white flakes falling with them. It was fun. Also, you should know we sold our condo and have bought a house down there. We LOVE it so far. Have a great week Spencer!!

    Julie (and Tom too)

  2. I've love reading your e-mails and hearing about your experiences. You sound like you are happier and happier each e-mail. Happy New Year!