Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week Four at the MTC

This has been an awesome week!

We have like 5 investigators so I'm teaching lots of lessons now, which is awesome, I love teaching lessons. We have this one investigator named Mercedes and she is awesome. I always feel the spirit so strong when I'm teaching her. 

So this last Wednesday day we got two new districts in our zone and its the zone leaders' jobs to introduce and welcome the new districts which was awesome! Except we forgot about one of the districts so they sat in their class room alone for an hour.. but it's okay because the next morning we got to welcome them. 

This past Thursday I got to go to the Mexican Consulate to get my visa approved so I got to go to Salt Lake. That was really fun but it also made me a little more homesick because it was so familiar to me. It was actually really weird walking past the Bee's stadium as a missionary. But on the way there and back I got to talk to a bunch of cool people and I even hung out with Spider Man for a little bit.

This week has been kind of difficult for all of us with the language, we keep learning harder and harder things so its rough, but the gift of tongues is definitely real even though its getting harder I know I wouldn't be this far without it. Also on Friday night we found the most amazing thing. There is this room right across from our apartment that is full of vending machines and microwaves and ovens and it is heave. We call it the "Holy of Holy's". 

Sunday was fine this week, lots and lots of meetings, but Sacrament was really good.  Sitting in that meeting after that long week of stressing about the language and about actually leaving to Mexico soon should have been really stressful, but while i was there I felt that everything was going to be alright. 

Hermano Arnold's last day teaching us was on Monday so that was kind of sad but he just moved to a class right below us so I'll still see him. Elder Fillmore got a frisbee in a package so at nights we play frisbee for like 30 min. before we go to bed which is the funnest thing you can do in the MTC. But speaking of keeping yourself entertained, we have a list of goals on our white board in our classroom and someone wrote "ape no kill ape" on it for some reason, it made Hermano Arnlod really mad so naturally we decided to write it all over every white board mirror and light in our class room. 

Umm that's about it for the week. I can't really think of anything else... Thanks for all the letters and emails and thanks for the package Dad! It was much needed. 

Love you all and I'll talk to you next week.

P.S.  If you want to know what one of my MYC teachers looks like and see how perfect he is, go to YouTube and search wearewoodwardavenue on YouTube and watch the sky full of stars YouTube video. It's Hermano Mecham playing the piano and singing.  I'm not allowed to watch it but he told us about it. 

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