Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Viva Mexico

So I've been in Mexico for about two days now and I've been in Juarez for about one day... Long strory.

So Monday morning at 4:30 we woke up, drove to Salt Lake and flew to Houston, Texas which was cool because I haven't flown  in forever. But Houston was cool but actually hot.  We left from Houston to Monterrey, Mexico and that was a weird flight. I had to fill out immigration papers on the way there and that was really weird. But we made it to Monterrey and it is beautiful there. After we got off the plane we had about an hour to get to our next flight. But we had to pass through customs first and that took like 30 min. Wo we were all in a hurry and ran to baggage and got our bags. I found all of mine but one. So I assumed someone took it for me because I was the last one to pass through customs. Turns out no one did so it was lost! Luckily the Monterrey, Mexico missionaries where there to be picked up the same time we had our layover. This means that like four experienced missionaries were there along with their mission presidents, so I had a lot of help and finally found my bag. I had five minutes to get to the plane and by this time the rest of my travel group left me in a hurry. So it was just me and the mission president and another missionary. We ran as fast as we could to the gate and it turned out that I was too late.  :(   So i missed my flight. Luckily the Monterrey mission president was nice enough to buy me a ticket for the next morning and let me eat with them and sleep at their mission home. So my first night in Mexico was in Monterrey and I had lasagna for dinner.  That is exactly how I planned it.

The next morning I woke up and took a taxi with two other missionaries to the airport. They dropped me off at my flight and then I was alone. In Mexico. And I didn't understand anyone. But I made it out alive. So I got to Juarez, met my companion (Elder Moya) who is from Mexico City and speaks a little bit of English. And then I took a four-hour bus ride to my area which is called Casas Grandes. 

It is nice here. Really poor and run down but everyone here is super nice and the weather is ptretty much like Utah--really hot and really cold. 

Our house is just me and Elder Moya and it doesn't have air conditioning or heating just a fan and windows, I really like it though. Also there is no hot water so cold showers cada dia which I'm fine with. I figure I better enjoy all the cold while I can.

Anyway I don't have my address yet and haven't taught anyone or have anything cool happen. The language is coming and I'm happy.  Also, Spanish keyboards are hard so sorry for the spelling.

Elder St. John

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  1. Yay--I'm so happy you made it safe and sound! Quite the adventure getting there though. Your house looks very Mexican-ish.