Monday, April 11, 2016

I Went to Juarez -- And Survived!

So we went to Juarez this week and the trip went flawlessly. We got there safely and we went to the meeting which was very good. The president called the entire mission to repentance witch was fun.. But the meeting was basically about how we need to keep better track of all the numbers of the zone and how we need to help the zone get more lessons, new investigators and baptisms.  So it should be pretty fun in the zone meeting today. 

But this week other than go to Juarez, I also was able to take an entire inactive family of 5 to church last week which was very cool, and we also kept on contacting and contacting and stuff like that. But the week was very enjoyable.

It is starting to heat up over here, we got up to 90 degrees on Saturday, and that's very cool in comparison to what it usually is in summer of about 105-110 daily. But the work moves forward. 

Elder Camacho and I get along really well with the ward we are in right now, so it makes it fun to go to church and see all the friends we have made.  This week we have some lessons planned with some young men from the ward. I like doing visits with the young men, becasue its fun to prepare them for when they become missionaries. And I also think about Hayden for when is one as well.. 

Well I'm sorry for the short letter.  I hope you all enjoyed it. Have a good week!

Elder St John

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