Monday, June 22, 2015

Journal Entry Number 3,298

Working hard as a district leader taking in dats en real inn.

This week was great! 

Tuesday afternoon i got on a bus and headed out to Juarez AGAIN! And it was super fun, especially because Elder Riding and I reunited and got to share the same hotel room. We had a great time! 

The dream team back in action for one day only. 

Wednesday we had a training meeting with the President for District Leaders and it was pretty good. We learned a lot and later got on the bus for another four-hour ride back to Casas Grandes. And it was a good time!

Came back to this little surprise waiting to greet me. 

Thursday we taught Angelica and her daughter, Stephanie, about the gospel and then Stephanie asked us when she could be baptized! So we put the date of July 4th as the baptismal date! I'm super excited for this day and I hope that everything goes well for them!

Friday there was a baptism in the district from the sisters in Huertas. 

Saturday there was a baptism in the district in Alamedas - and another meeting with President.

Sunday Angelica went to church with her daughter. And we wathced a member give his dog a shot in the bum. 

That's about all that happened this week! But it was a pretty good one! I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Elder St John

P.S. Happy Fathers Day!!


  1. So, that scorpion is super creepy! How did you get rid of it? You look so great! Glad you are meeting up with past comps. That's always fun. Keep up the good work!


  2. Are you trying to look like a Mexican to fit in better with the people you teach? It so, it's working--you are so tan! And the scorpion? Ew.