Monday, June 8, 2015

10 Months as a Missionary

This week I hit my ten-month mark and that is super cool to use two full hands to tell people how long I've been a missionary. 

This week was a great! 

Tuesday and Wednesday I did divisons with the zone leader, and he came to my area in Lomas. I ate green enchiladas Tuesday and they were delicious. Then we tried contacting and went to a few appointments that we had. 

Wednesday we went to Hidalgo and later found a super cool investigator named Lourdes. 

Thursday we went back to Hidalgo and ate, then came back to Dublan and visited a few more people. 

Friday was a normal day.

Saturday was also a normal day. 

Sunday we went to church. ( Angelica was out of town so we didn't get to see here there but will see her this week!) And we also had an appointment with someone who lives in the middle of a cotton field and while we were looking for his house we found a cemetery where a lot of the original pioneers who came here are buried.  Attatched are a few pictures that I liked from the trip. It was really cool and unexpected. The cemetery is seriously out in the middle of no where. I had no idea it existed. But it is a cemetary from our church!! 

That's abut it for this week! I hope I have more to tell you next time! 

Love you all a lot!

Elder St John

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  1. Well, that cemetery is super cool! What an amazing find. I love reading all about your adventures every week. Your attitude is awesome. Keep up the good work. The Church is true.