Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Loving the MTC

This week has been amazing. I love it here in the MTC. The language is hard and 10 hours of class takes a lot of adjustment but its really cool. I'm starting to get used to it more and more but its still a big change. I really enjoy everyone in my district! They are all hilarious. I usually laugh till i get a headache when we are talking during meals. But they are also really spiritual when they need to be. 
In my apartment I have my companion (Elder Engberson from Boise, idaho) and then one other companionship. Elder Medeiros who is from Jordan, Utah and just got out of high school and is also the district leader and his companion Elder Cannon who went to BYU for a year and came here, he is from Blackfoot, Idaho. 
Our room is great. everyday when we wake up our motto is "Rise and Grind Elders." It keeps me super motivated. The lessons are awesome and we get about 4-6 hours of study time a day so that's great as well. And I haven't taken many pictures but I'll send what i have! 

It goes me then Elder Engberson then Elder Medeiros then Elder Cannon.

Elder Engberson and Elder St. John

Spencer & Elder Medeiros

Love you and miss you.

Con Amor, 
Elder San Juan 


  1. What a relief to hear from you and see that you are smiling and look happy. I am so glad that you are enjoying the MTC experience. I love you and love that you are keeping a positive attitude and laughing a lot!

  2. And so it begins!! How great that you are loving the MTC. It's amazing how working hard together creates great friendships. Sounds like you are with a fun group of missionaries. Love you!

    Aunt Julie (and Tom too)