Monday, February 22, 2016


This week was a very good week! We did many fun things. like:

Contact, A lot! 
We caught a rabbit in our back yard.
We went to Juarez.
I met the Pope.
And many things more.

So we had to contact a lot this week because we don't want to visit members, less actives or anything that has been baptized, so that we could bring many unto the waters of baptism. We spent almost the whole day on Saturday contacting and i loved it. We met many people and set a lot of appointments. It was worth it. 

While studying one morning this week, I was thinking about how it's almost spring and I thought about Easter and while looking out the window we saw a bunny! What a lucky early Easter surprise! And naturaly as any other human, we decided to catch it. After about 10 minutes of hunting and chasing we finally caught the bunny. The owner of our house (also our neighbor) told us the night before that she had been trying to catch that very bunny the day before. So we gave her the bunny and she invited us to eat with them. The best part is that she gave us burritos made from bunny meat. So our reward for catching the bunny was a big bunny burrito. It was a good day. 

We went to Juarez AGAIN this week and had another meeting. It was good to go back and I even got to meet the Pope. I even got a picture.  It might even beat the picture my dad got with Will Smith`s son. 

This week went by really fast, and it was a very good week. Our investigators are progressing, and we keep on finding more people to teach.  Also in our mission we have a weekly bulletin and every week the President chooses his favorite spiritual experience to put in the bulletin. This week Elder Camacho and I were chosen. (I wrote the experience.) And even though it is in Spanish I will send you all a copy so that you can see what our mission bulletin is like! Katelyn and Luke can translate it so you might be able to understand. 

That is all for this week.  I hope you enjoyed my letter! Love you all!

Elder St John

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your letter! Sounds like a very eventful week!