Monday, November 24, 2014

Hola From Mexico

Awesome week this week! But first off I'd like to apologize for all the bad spelling and grammer in my letters... Spanish keyboards are a little different so it's harder to backspace. Also spell check is in Spanish so it underlines everything I type and because I don't read in English anymore I forget what proper English looks like. But anyway, back to what's important, me. 

This week was great! We kept praying to find a big family and God finally answered our prayers! We found a huge family of 11 this week! Right now we are only teaching 6 of them but the others will come around. 

Monday night we had a FHE with a less active family in the ward and they gave us dough to make our own flour tortillas and they where delicious. 

A picture of the tortillas we made.

But Tuesday morning we found out that we used all our gas making tortillas and no longer could have a hot shower. But all is well because today, one week later, we have money for gas and can have hot showers again. But this whole week we just put water in cups, heated it up in the microwave and used that... really fun... 

We had divisones this week and I went with Elder Gonzalez to his area and that was fun, nothing too exciting happened that day. 

New up date on packages, if you want to send one, put a list of what's inside on the outside of the box, so my mission president doesn't get arrested for taking somthing illegal across the boarder. If it's something like candy or food, just write missionary supplies but everything else you can list.

So I met someone this week and I think im in love. Her name is Calentador. And she isnt actually a person.. The word calentador means heater, and that's what she is.. a heater.. But she is beautiful and really warms the room whith her smile. 

Me and my new girlfriend.

TIME FOR THE BIG NEWS. I decided to half way  follow my dreams of becoming a word famous singer/tapdancer and joined a chior. SO i get to sing every week with a bunch of missionaries and other people and its great. The only problem is that we don't tapdance so I'll have to practice that on my own time.. But the choir is amazing because its the whole stake, and in our stake there is an English ward so I heard and had my first conversation in English in three months. Absolutely beautiful. Also I love to sing, I'm a bass if anyone was wondering. 

Last thing on the list. If anyone wants to get in the Christmas spirit with a delicious fruity drink you're in luck because I know exactally what you need. There is a Mexican drink here called Ponche and it's amazing. Its like a cider, but it has fruit in it and is delicious.

Well that's all for this week. I hope everyone at home is doing well. The house looks amazing Dad. I bet Katelyn will love it when she comes home, I'm glad Paige still loves me. Hayden hasn't written me yet, so I'm assuming he is dead... And I think that's it.. Love you all.  

Elder St John

Christmas cookies because Thanksgiving doesn't exist here.


  1. Calentador is beautiful. I understand totally why you are in love with her. Your letter was delightful. I'm so glad you actually have a big family to teach and I hope all goes well there. Nothing better than a family coming into the Church. I wish I could hear your heavenly choir.

  2. Spencer I'm glad to see you are staying warm! Also can't wait to see your tap skills when you get home !

  3. I love calentadors also. Mine are male though - or that would just be strange. Love you and hope you are doing well. I am really looking forward to seeing Katelyn. Hopefully Hayden smartens up and writes his big brother !!

  4. I missed reading this email last week, so lucky me got to read two this week. You are hilarious. Nice to hear you're singing in a choir. I love joining in with a big group to sing--especially if it's religious songs because they really do feel like a prayer. There's nothing like music to touch people's hearts!