Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spencer's "Farewell"

Spencer gave a great talk on obedience.  He mentioned his gratitude for the examples of his family then talked about the importance of obedience in all aspects of life. He reminded us that he has been called to serve in Juarez, one of the most dangerous areas of the world, but he has confidence that if he is obedient he will be protected and he has no fear.  Great testimony.

Spencer's beautiful lei was given to him by his neighbors, I can't spell their name, but it starts with a "G" and sound like Nahdavi.  

Then his family and friends gathered at Spencer's home to extend their best wishes.  

Kari, Paige Spencer Hayden

Cute Paige made the decorations and did a great job of making their home look festive. 
Kari had the house perfectly ready for everyone to enjoy.

Hayden also spoke in sacrament meeting on obedience. He spoke of the story related by President Monson about when he was a little boy and took some matches, even knowing he shouldn't, to burn some weeds.  The results were surprisingly uncontrollable.  Hayden did a great job. 

Spencer had many, many friends and family come for taco salad, toquitos, fruit, cupcakes, cookies and many other goodies.  

Kari's brothers, Jamie, Randy, Ricky

Kim Parker, Cherie's sister, with Madi who is Melissa's daughter and Julie's granddaughter. 
Julie is also Cherie's sister.

Hayley, Kim's daughter and Spencer's cousin.

 Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Jim St. John with Spencer

Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Claudine Cable with Spencer

Melissa, Jeff with Madi and Ellie Mott

Below are a few, very few of his great friends.  
So many are already serving their missions.


Jackson and Spencer

Chantel, Cherie's sister, and part of her family.
Zack, Chase with his friend Tiegan, Juan, Chantel and Dave Markel

Kari's brother, Jamie, with his wife and daughter, Chalis and Sunny Cherie St. John

Spencer and Julie Uriona, Cherie's sister

Ricky St. John's wife and baby, Natalie and Getty

There were so many others and I apologize to those who are not featured here, particularly Becky, Wendy & John, and Cami.  Also, my Mom and sister.  I missed so many other pictures of family and friends.  Sorry.

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  1. Fun pictures of a really great day. I'm so happy I could be there and can't wait to read Spencer's emails!